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The MOOC LEARNERS (ML) welcomes the new Committee Members, Corporate Members, Associate Members, Universities, Industries, Accrediting Bodies as well as others. ML has more than 10 years of historical journey in empowering online education and its novel identity today is the successful establishment of credit transfer among universities and industries, particularly for the mass open online courses (MOOC). ML is the right choice for clustering the online education into academic qualification and therefore we invite interested parties to write to us for detail services.

Prof. Nachimani Charde


ML is striving to unite the online universities for the acceptance of credit transfer on mass open online courses (MOOC). In doing so, the learners can independently study MOOC throughout their life and empower their expertise over time. So we invite all the MOOC and/or online education providing universities to join us as to setup criteria for the credit transfer among universities without damaging the current accreditations.